Different Cargo Services from Dubai to Kenya

April 13, 2016

Business is not just dependent upon the production of the goods. It is also very important to make sure that your products reach the customer safely and timely. If you have a business where you need to ship the products to Kenya from Dubai then you must also be looking for the best option in terms of cargo services. There are a few options for cargo to Kenya from Dubai. You will choose them according to your needs. One of the best options is to explore the top companies such as logimart.com. They have been in business for a while and know how to take care of all your cargo needs. When it is about international shipment, there are primarily two types of cargo services that come into picture – air and sea. Here is a quick look at both of them.


Air Freight or Air Cargo Services


If you have a product, that needs to be delivered via cargo to Kenya from Dubai within a few days, then there is only one cargo service you can rely on – air cargo service. This is the biggest advantage of the air freight. They can reach just about any part of the world in less than 48 hours. In most of the cases, the airplanes reach the destination in less than 24 hours. If we consider the distance from Dubai to Kenya, we will see that it should not take more than a few hours from the products to reach. Aircrafts have been in use as cargo carriers for nearly a century now. Today, the advanced airplanes provide more safety to the products and can carry items in large quantities. Several types of airplanes are utilized for cargo. For instance, An-124 jets and Boeing 747 are quite popular. There is no denying that the air cargo services are more reliable as they reach the destination on time. Even if a plane is missed, another can be used for the shipment purpose.


Sea freight or Marine Cargo


When we think about sea freight, the images of ships instantly conjure in our mind. Ships have been in use as the cargo service since the ancient times. If you are sending cargo to Kenya from Dubai, you can also use the sea freight services. One of the best things about ships is that you can transport the items in large bulk numbers quite easily. Therefore, if you have a shipment to be delivered in a very large quantity then you will need to use the sea freight. Aircrafts can carry items only up to a certain limit. Even if the number of items is less but the size of the items is very big you will need to use sea freight. It is true that sea shipping takes much longer, and sometimes even months. But not all the time you would require time sensitive delivery. Using sea freight is a good option as it saves you money. It is much cheaper than the air freight. It is also more eco friendly as it uses less fossil fuel. Since less fuel is used, therefore, sea freight becomes even most affordable. This is the reason why many companies prefer sea cargo over the air cargo services.