Cargo To Africa

April 20, 2016

Logimart to focus on Cargo to Africa sector with excellent rates and service

The recent focus and the enhanced trade between UAE and Africa created enormous opportunity and business growth for cargo to Africa sector for the past decade. As per the statistics the trade between UAE and Africa increased by 700% in the past decade. Along with finance and trade, cargo to Africa has also been one of the sectors which got benefit from the desirable financial situation.

Logimart recognizes this strategic importance and so we have focused our energy to bring very reliable and cost effective logistics companies as service partners in the African Logistics sector.

Dubai emerges as the B2B and Logistics hub connecting Africa and rest of the World

Africa is considered as the faster growing market for the coming 10-15 years. And developing Logistics infrastructure and free zones and logistics gate ways have made Dubai as the most sought after logistics hub. And this has created great opportunities for East Asian countries such as China, Japan to increase their trade with Africa.  Logimart understands this logistics geography of Dubai and have added best Logistics service providers to meet the demands of African cargo sector.

Today Africa depends a lot on Dubai for FMCG and it is eaiser for African countries to use Dubai as business hub rather than depending on poor infrastructure to trade between African countries.

African countries have GDP has gone up for the past decade and so UAE has been one direct benefiter of the buying power of African community. So many small and Individual customers come down to Dubai for shopping and this also have benefitted cargo companies in Dubai. And major Airlines like Emirates Airlines, Fly Dubai and Etihad Airways have expanded their operation to meet his demand. Logimart has all the GSA, CSA registered as service providers to give the best price and the service. emerges as the easiest platform linking African shippers and Logistics companies

At the same time the middlemen also created so problems for the shoppers who come down from Africa to Dubai. Logimart understands that there is a need for connecting shippers from Africa with reliable logistics companies who are experts in handling cargo to Africa. Logimart avoids the need for middle men and so the cost of shipping from Dubai to Africa can be more cost effective and with premium service.

UAE goverment along with it’s African counterparts have taken some significant step to increase the trade. And there for B2B cargo to Africa sector has also leveraged on these favorable business conidtions. Logimart has got logistics experts who can help business houses to reduce their Logistics costs.


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Why choose Logimart for Cargo to Africa sectors?

  • Cheapest rates: You will never find rates as competitive as Logimart for cargo to Africa.
  • Ease of Tracking: By handing your shipment to the best cargo firms, we assure you get access to all the updates on tracking of your shipments.
  • Easy Booking System: All you have to is leave us a message by any means, on website, email or on phone, and through our door to door cargo service, everything else will be booked at your home.
  • You can either send the bulk orders through our port to port program else our door to door service will give you worry free experience. Reliable agents associated with Logimart will cover all the custom regulations easily.
  • User Friendly Team: If there is anything you feel unanswered in the above points, we have our user friendly team always happy to assist you.

Even though Air cargo to Africa has shown some slow down, we can see cargo shipping to Africa by sea freight on the rise as Nigeria shows some signs of recovery.

Air cargo to Africa , sea Cargo to Africa gain momentum

UAE and African Trade partnership to boost cargo to Africa

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