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April 22, 2016

Reliable Cargo to India service by Logimart with excellent service history of 99% delivery on time

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Cargo to India has been one the most important revenue making sector for Logimart. Logimart understands the importance of connecting with the best logistics companies because of the historical relationship between India and Middle East. There are good and not so good Logistics companies who provide cargo to India servies. If you are lucky you would end up in giving your cargo to good Logistics companies. And if you do not have experience in sending Air Freight or sea Freight to India, you might end up in giving your important cargo to armatures in this field.

All our agents in the cargo to India network have delivered the items as promised and we never had any service delivery concerns which is a norm in the Indian cargo sector. Please read the import and export procedure for India before sending your shipment to India
Import and Export Procedure India

Cargo to India demand increase due to bilateral trade initiatives

In the last financial year, the Government of India reported that trade between India and UAE crossed US$59 billion.  While both countries are celebrating its sweet and successful trading partnerships, the job market in UAE has been flourishing as well. Many Indian companies have been spreading their wings to Dubai and opening offices throughout the Emirate. One industry that is benefiting from all the trade and travel from Dubai to India is cargo to India sector. Companies are always on the lookout for the most affordable logistics options. It could be for commercial or personal items, perishable goods, pets, vehicles, or machinery. With so many vendors in the market, how do you decide which is the best vendor for you? And once you find a vendor, do you have the time to track your cargo to India from Dubai? Monitor its every move and follow up on delays?  Thankfully now you don’t have to. Logimart has very reliable network of Big and medium size logistics service providers to give tailor made solution for logistics to India requirements of any size and any type.

Mitigate your risk by partnering with and save your cargo

Logimart understands there is a need for a reliable network of excellent Logistics companies to India. And that is the reason why we carefully choose the service providers. When you get your cargo done through Logimart, you are mitigating risk normally associated with cargo to India service.

Indians are one of the largest expat community in the middle east and there for Cargo to India has been one of the busiest and demanding sector for And for that reason, Logimart has tied up with the best logistics companies in Indian sector. This business relationship ensures that our customers would get best quotes from the cheapest and most reliable logistics companies. We are sure that our service backed by 24X7 Call center facility and advanced tracking mechanism would help our customers to reliably send shipment to their dear ones.

By 2020, the trade between India and UAE is expected to exceed 100 Billion Dollars. This increase in demand has made Logimart to expand its cargo to India network.

Recently the Indian Courier and Cargo Association confirmed that Cochin Airport started to recieve cargo to India and the Indian government is now helping to resolve the issues.

Cochin Airport embargo finished to ease cargo to India operation
cargo to India demads to increase

Logimart is the new one-stop destination for all things logistics . You will find only the best vendors and the most competitive rates available for you to choose from.  Be it a tiny personal item you want to send home to your grandmother in Kerala or an advanced piece of equipment to complete your project in Gurgaon, Logimart will connect you with the perfect logistics solution that meets your budget and requirement. You can choose from the best air freight to India packages or check out a number of sea freight India options.  Logimart experts will help you zero in on the service provider and help bring down cargo to India service costs.

The following are the special Logistics services available through Logimart Network
  • Door to Door cargo to India
  • Port to Port Cargo (Air Freight and Sea freight)
  • Import cargo from India to Dubai, Abudhabi, Saudi, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and other sectors
  • Break Bulk cargo between UAE and India
  • Auto Parts cargo network to India

It is very important for an exporter and a Logistics partner to know the religious and the cultural aspects of Middle East. This saves them from so much trouble while processing the operation. Logimart has all the updated information about cargo to India or Cargo from India to guide its customers.

It is Key to know the religious and cultural values to export goods to Middle East

Get Logimart Advantage

  • Get competitive cargo rates from multiple vendors all on one platform
  • Advanced software that provides you with updates on your shipments
  • A sophisticated booking system that allows you to book your cargo through our website, email, phone or through our door to door cargo to India service
  • A port to port program that allows you to book bulk orders from India to rest of the world or Dubai to the rest of the world
  • Logimart’s expertise on custom regulations will ensure your interests stay protected
  • Logimart’s customer service team will answer whatever queries  regarding our services.

With Logimart your cargo is in safe hands. Literally. Send your quote request to and register to get special discounts.

UAE and India are long Terms Partners who have high traffic for cargo to India

UAE and India are long Terms Partners who have high traffic for cargo to India

Cargo to India become very important

Cargo to India gets boost Rulers of India and UAE initiatives

Air Cargo to India,Sea cargo to India to grow

Air Cargo to India expected to grow in coming future