Cargo to Kenya

May 30, 2016

Cargo to Kenya from Dubai UAE

Logimart assigns  high attention to cargo to Kenya  sector because of the inter-dependence of both countries on the operations of Cargo to and from Kenya. Kenya is generally considered as Eastern and central Africa’s hub for Financial, Communication and Transportation services. For that reason UAE  has recognized  the  importance  of improving the trade relationship between Kenya and the Middle East. It creates  a great opportunity for logistics companies who are serving Cargo to Kenya.

Kenya is one  of the emerging economic force in Africa. The goverments of UAE  and Kenya are investor friendly. The GDP is expected to grow 5% in the coming decade. This has increased the trade between Middle East and Kenya. This also has a great impact on cargo to Kenya services. UAE has a strong community of Kenyans  who are English speaking and professional workers. So we recognized that we need to have a good network of Logistics  service provider to meet  the Cargo to Kenya demands  of the strong Kenyan community in UAE.