Policies & Procedures for India

Import policy

The Liberalisation in the import policies has been an important component of India’s development strategy. The policies of import liberalization have also attracted a lot of foreign investment. The top products coming into India from several other countries are oil, Gems, Precious metals, Coins, Electronic equipment, Machines, Engines, Pumps, organic chemicals, Plastics, Iron and steel, Animal/Vegetable fats, Ores, Slag, Ash, Medical , Technical equipment etc. The countries that are importing to India are United states , China, Germany, France, United kingdom, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Indonesia, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Austria, Thailand and Singapore. The imports in India was increased to 33120 USD  million in June 2015 from 32753 USD Million in May 2015. The imports of India is expected to increase in the coming years. India is mainly dependent on crude oil imports. Our company provides the best link to bring both customers and agents together.
The Following Mentioned are the import Procedure of India:-

  1. File bill of entry with Business identification number (BIN)
  2. Determine rate of duty for clearance from warehouse.
  3. File requisite documents with customs department
  4. Submit import report or manifest
  5. Receive Permission to import goods

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Export policy

India being great in industries like Chemical, Agriculture, Jewellery, Gifts and crafts, Home furnishing, Apparel and textile, Leather, Plastic and lot more has a very vast scope in exporting its products to different countries. Exports in India increased to 23137.26 USD Million in July 2015 from 22290 USD Million in June 2015. The main exporting partners of India are United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Netherlands, United States, Singapore and China. Exporting from India enables a lot of international exposure and gives the ability to develop either low cost or differential products. Both direct as well as indirect ways can be adopted for Exporting. We at our company provide different facilities in one room to export several types of products with the best possible service. There are several types of documents and steps involved in the process of exporting.
Following mentioned is the process involved in exporting from India:-

  1. Enquiry
  2. Proforma generation
  3. Order Placement
  4. Order acceptance
  5. Goods readiness & documentation
  6. Goods removal from works
  7. Documents for C & F agent
  8. Customs Clearance
  9. Document Forwarding
  10. Bills negotiation
  11. Bank to bank documents forwarding
  12. Customs obligation discharge
  13. Receipt of Bank certificate

The following documents are commonly used in exporting from India:-

  1. Commercial invoice
  2. Bill of lading
  3. Consular invoice
  4. Certificate of origin
  5. Inspection certification
  6. Dock receipt and warehouse receipt
  7. Destination control statement
  8. Insurance certificate
  9. Export license
  10. Export packing list

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Disclaimer: Policies and procedures for all export, Import have been extracted from various internet resources and published policies by the respective governments. Logimart.com is not responsible for any change or alteration in the above written policies and procedures.

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